The Department of Aircraft and Rocket Engineering



 The Department of Aircraft and Rocket Engineering is the structural subdivision of the National Technical University of Ukraine Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The department is training for specialists with a bachelor's degree in 134 Aviation and Rocket and Space Engineering. It is training for specialists of the master's degree in the educational program "Airplanes and Helicopters" in two specializations "Airplanes and Helicopters" and "Rocket Technology". It is possible to enter with a diploma of a junior specialist in the specialty 134 Aviation and rocket and space technology. The department is recruiting for postgraduate and doctoral studies.

   Since the creation of the Department of Aircraft and Rocket Engineering was headed by Professor Vitaliy Viktorovich Sukhov, Doctor of Technical Sciences. From february 2020 the header of department is Volodymyr Kabanyachyi, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

   Projects of light multi-purpose aircraft, mathematical software and software packages for calculation of aircraft structural parameters were developed by teachers and students of the department. The department has small aircraft design student bureau.

   Educational rooms of the department meet all the requirements for conducting classes using modern multimedia technologies. There are two computer classrooms, laboratory and practical classes are performing in special laboratories of full-scale aircraft using elements and systems of existing aircraft, technological equipment. Laboratory equipment allows to conduct scientific research of technological processes of manufacture and operation in the field of aircraft and rocketry.

   Two student scientific groups - "Aviation and Rocket Engineering" and "Robotics" - are operating at the department successfully, where students have the opportunity to carry out innovative projects.

   Research work at the Department of Aircraft and Rocket Engineering is performing on the priority directions of development of science and technology:

  • "Methodology of integrated design of aircraft structures"
  • "Research of both problems of flight dynamics and control of technical objects".
  • "Research of new aircraft aerodynamic lay-outs and methods of their calculation".



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